Litseen is a project of Quiet Lightning, a literary nonprofit with the mission to foster community based on literary expression and to provide a safe and supportive arena for said expression.

To that end, we maintain a daily calendar of the Bay Area’s literary events — as comprehensive as possible. We update the calendar weekly using our hub and daily as events come in; we go to events and film them and sometimes talk about them.

We also conduct weekly interview profiles of local authors, curate SF/Arts‘ monthly top 10 literary events (included via RSS on the right of your screen), and write a bimonthly column for The San Francisco Chronicle.

You can now list your own event, but if you ever see something missing from the hub, or if you just have an idea/feeling/dream you’d like to share, please send us a line.


Evan Karp
Founding Editor, Litseen
Executive Director, Quiet Lightning