Jennifer Hasegawa

Jennifer Hasegawa on the Light Shining Out from Our Navels

An interview with Jennifer Hasegawa from The Write Stuff series: Jennifer Hasegawa is a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet who has sold funeral insurance door-to-door and had her suitcase stolen from…

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Patrick James Dunagan courtesy of the author

Patrick James Dunagan on Happenings without any Expectation or Presumption of Reward

An interview with Patrick James Dunagan from The Write Stuff series: Patrick James Dunagan lives in San Francisco and works at Gleeson Library for the University of San Francisco….

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Mary Ladd courtesy of the author

Mary Ladd on Holding Found Items at Arms Length

An interview with Mary Ladd from The Write Stuff series: Mary Ladd’s The Wig Diaries is an irreverent cancer book that pokes fun at diagnosis, treatment, medical bills and beyond. It is…

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Ploi Pirapokin by Brandon Espy Photography

Ploi Pirapokin on Grieving for Your Ego’s Death & Shedding the Ideals of What You Are

An interview with Ploi Pirapokin from The Write Stuff series: Ploi Pirapokin is an extraordinary alien born in Thailand and raised in Hong Kong. She is the Nonfiction Editor…

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Allison Landa

Allison Landa on Loving Your Life Not in Spite of the Difficulties but Because of Them

An interview with Allison Landa from The Write Stuff series: Allison Landa is a Berkeley, CA-based fiction and memoir writer who earned an MFA in creative writing from St….

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Matt Leibel courtesy of the author

Matt Leibel on Reading Eclectically, Recklessly, Idiosyncratically

An interview with Matt Leibel from The Write Stuff series: Matt Leibel’s short fiction has been published in Electric Literature, Portland Review, Carolina Quarterly, DIAGRAM, Wigleaf, and Sparkle &…

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photo of Marina Lazzara courtesy of the author

Marina Lazzara on Remembering Your Dreams

An interview with Marina Lazzara from The Write Stuff series: Marina Lazzara received an MA in Poetics from New College of California and has published in various literary magazines…

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photo of Elizabeth Costello courtesy the author

Elizabeth Costello on Making in Response to Being

An interview with Elizabeth Costello from The Write Stuff series: Elizabeth Costello writes arts and culture commentary, nonprofit communications, fiction, and poetry. Her chapbook RELIC was recently released by…

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Juli Delgado Lopera

Juli Delgado Lopera on Being Vulnerable and Staying Grounded

An interview with  Juli Delgado Lopera from The Write Stuff series: Juli Delgado Lopera is an award-winning Colombian writer, historian, speaker and storyteller based in San Francisco. They’re the author…

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José Luis Gutierrez on Illusions and The Beginning of Freedom

José Luis Gutierrez on Illusions and The Beginning of Freedom

An interview with  José Luis Gutierrez from The Write Stuff series: José Luis Gutierrez was born in Miami in 1975, and grew up in Panama. He lives in…

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