photo from the launch of Mimi Lok's Last of Her Name, held at The Bindery on 10/22/19, by Evan Karp

Quiet Lightning / 10 Year Anniversary

Quiet Lightning holds a reading and celebration 10 years from the date of their first show, on December 14, 2019, at The Bindery in San…

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photo of Jack Hirshman reading at Specs Bar

Be There or Fish: A Cornucopia of The Surreal

Part of City Lights‘ Surrealism Festival, Inside the Magnetic Fields, on 11/20/19 at Specs Bar: surreal snacks, random objects, & associations, with Jacqueline Bier and…

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image for Eves at the Beat

Eves at the Beat: Womxn Reading at The Beat Museum

During Women’s History month a constellation of events brought together a group of fabulous womxn+ writers. The meeting of these hearts and minds exploded into…

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photo of Richelle Lee Slota @ Quiet Lightning in the Doolan-Lardon Building

Quiet Lightning in the Doolan-Larson Building

Quiet Lightning presents their 129th show inside the Doolan-Larson Building on Monday, November 4, 2019, with readings/performance by (in the following order): A.A. Vincent » Noah Sanders » Anna Allen » Chelsea…

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flier for APAture 2019 / Declare

Kearny Street Workshop / APAture 2019: Proclaim

Kearny Street Workshop presented the literary showcase of their 20th annual APAture festival, with the theme Proclaim, on Friday, October 18, 2019. The event was…

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photo from Poetry in Parks 2019

Quiet Lightning / Poetry in Parks 2019 on Angel Island

Quiet Lightning presents their 128th show and the 5th annual Poetry in Parks – a collaboration with California State Parks and, this year, Kearny Street Workshop – at…

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LQ20 by Ted Weinstein

Litquake 20th Anniversary Party

Help the Bay Area literary community celebrate two decades (to the day) of the world-famous festival known as Litquake. Founded in a dive bar 20…

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Quiet Lightning @ The Laundry by Evan Karp

Quiet Lightning @ The Laundry

Quiet Lightning presents their 127th show at The Laundry on Monday, July 1, 2019, with readings/performance by (in the following order): Matt Leibel » Minyoung Lee » Simone Kurial » Ginny…

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QL @ Arion Press by Matthew James DeCoster

Quiet Lightning at Arion Press

Quiet Lightning presents their 126th show at Arion Press on Monday, May 6, 2019, with readings/performance by (in the following order): Sarah Henry Siamak VossoughiElizabeth Gonzalez…

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Quiet Lightning at The Bar at Hotel Kabuki

Quiet Lightning @ Hotel Kabuki

Quiet Lightning presents their 125th show at Hotel Kabuki on Monday, March 4, 2019, with readings/performance by (in the following order): Fernando MeisenhalterSarah KobrinskyLaura VrcekShizue…

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