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Bawdy Storytelling’s ‘Packs a Wallop’ Livestream – 8/1

August 1, 2020 @ 7:00 pm PDT

$10 – $69

Live. Virtual. Now, Bawdy is available wherever *you* are!

Happening on Zoom on Saturday, August 1st at 7 PM PST/9 PM CST/10 PM EST

Wanna know what time that is for You?



“Best Erotic Podcast for 2020” – Oprah Magazine



This evening of Stories, Songs & B*ttplugs includes:

• Hosted by Sexual Folklorist Dixie De La Tour

• ‘Edge Play’ author Jane Boon

• Erotic Activist Victor Warring

• Second Gen Sex-Positive Revolutionary Jessica Cohen

• FemDom audio dramatist Ms Natasha Strange

• Clever songs by musical genius Shirley Gnome

Join the #ButtplugClub – our EXHIBITIONIST ticket sales end Monday, July 27th (because shipping)

Try our new VOYEUR ticket for behind the scenes access, enhanced chat & more (available till showtime)

• Sponsored by the best lube out there: Uberlube!

• Prizes include Quarantine Fashion from Dirty Masks

• Sexy Bath Prizes from Hip Modern Soap Co.


Forbes Magazine calls Bawdy Storytelling the Best:




Exhibitionists, Join the #ButtplugClub by this Sunday night (July 27th) & you’ll receive: a hefty custom Bawdy buttplug, black velvet Buttplug cozy, Bawdy button, our new sticker, a FULL SIZE bottle of Uberlube – and you’ll be part of the show as a Panelist! #Exhibitionist


Buy the Voyeur ticket at get behind-the-scenes access & enhanced chat capabilities (to slide into those DMs) Every Exhibitionist needs a Voyeur!

Have you always wished that you could be there for a live Bawdy Storytelling? Well, now you can. Announcing the new Bawdy 2.0! The Online version of our Bawdy Storytelling live show. Finally, an upside to this whole Global Pandemic thing: you can be part of Bawdy Storytelling LIVE, as it happens, and since a Livestream participant can be anywhere, we’ll feature storytellers from all over the world telling their story. Maybe one of ‘em will be You!

How it works: Dixie will host 4 Infamous Adventurers as they share their true tales of Sex, Kink or Gender – plus, this time we’ll have original – & Bawdy! – music by the talented Shirley Gnome.

We’re hosting this show via Zoom.us and the webinar room has a limited capacity. Our first Livestream’ed Bawdy Storytelling Sold Out really fast, so make sure you grab your tickets right away – cause we want you there! Finally, where you live is irrelevant! I’ve often dreamed that every city could have a Bawdy, and now the whole WORLD can tell their story (and you can hear it, too).

We’re offering tiered ticket pricing for this online event:

• The Pandemic Price Ticket

• The General/Solo Ticket

• The Household/Group Ticket

• The Voyeur Ticket

• The Exhibitionist Ticket

Please spread the word to all your friends around the world who might want to come, and tell em Bawdy is now a Livestream! It’s virtual, which means that you can be part of Bawdy, no matter where you are! Post the info on social media, & email this link to friends. We need your help to get the word out about this new version of Bawdy!

Performer Bios:

Dixie De La Tour is a sexual folklorist, professional storyteller, podcaster, teacher, coach, community builder and most of all, a facilitator. She is also the Founder, Curator & Host of the Award-winning storytelling series, Bawdy Storytelling (“The Moth for Pervs” – LA Weekly, “The Original Sex and Storytelling series” – Playgirl) that’s been lauded for its transformational, relatable, empowering performances. Dixie has recently been a featured storyteller for the National Storytelling Conference, and in addition to story and public speaking coaching for her own series, she coaches individuals for events such as TEDx, Women in Technology, and hosts and coaches events for Classrooms, Kink Conferences and Public Libraries.

This Bawdy Storytelling live stage series is 13 years strong, the Bawdy Storytelling podcast has over 450 5 star reviews – plus it’s been labeled a ‘Best Of’ Sex podcast from Forbes, GQ Magazine, Marie Claire, Uproxx, Daily Mail UK, Women’s Health, Bustle, Cosmo and (twice!) by Esquire Magazine.

Ultimately, this story-loving southerner is passionate about storytelling’s ability to keep people safe, reduce social anxiety and connect us with strangers. Dixie has also been Sainted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (“Saint Kiss & Make You Tell”) for her work to reduce stigma and eliminate shame, and she recently became a Muppet. Discover more about Dixie De La Tour and Bawdy Storytelling at Facebook.com/BawdyStorytelling, on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/bawdystorytelling/ on Twitter at @Bawdy and always at www.BawdyStorytelling.com Remember, Stories help you find your people!

Jane Boon lives in New York City and Los Angeles with her husband, Norm Pearlstine. She studied technology and policy at MIT and later received a Ph.D. in industrial engineering. Jane has written for publications like The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, Time.com, McSweeneys.net, and TravelandLeisure.com. Jane enjoys improv and playing dress up, including the time she wore a corset, garters and thigh-high stockings as a dominatrix in the Fox TV series, Gotham. EDGE PLAY is her first novel.

Links to where EDGE PLAY is sold:

https://www.amazon.com/Edge-Play-Jane-Boon-ebook/dp/B088FY7YRB/. &


Natasha Strange has been a professional dominatrix for 25 years, specializing in creative sadistic escapism. Offering sessions in a wide variety of disciplines, she has cultivated a deep understanding of what draws people to kink. She believes that most people who indulge in kink and BDSM are searching to fulfill emotional needs. As a dominant she uses those emotional goals as a guide when addressing physical desires.

When not tormenting her adoring submissives, she is a BDSM coach and kink educator helping destigmatize non-standard sexual desires. She is the author of a BDSM primer for adults who are curious about kink called Kinky Sex Tips for Curious Girls: A BDSM Activity Book for Beginners. It’s full of color pages, geeky puns, fun activities, puzzles and solid information about kink, consent and communication.

She is also the co-owner of Sub Rosa, a boutique BDSM play and education space located in Portland Oregon.

Victor Warring is a Somatic Sexuality Educator, a Sexuality & Relationship Coach and an Erotic Activist. He is also an antiracism/racial equity community educator. He has a background in somatic psychotherapy, cultural anthropology, theatre and movement improvisation including Playback Theatre, improvisational storytelling.

Victor values the power of storytelling as a leveler of human experience. It is our primary form of community gathering and ritual connection since the days of our hunter gatherer forebears sitting around yellow fire light deep into the night.

Victor currently lives and practices in Ashland, OR.

Jessica Cohen says: Growing up in the Bay Area, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to hear and tell some stories. Along the way I got a BA in Art. I’ve had a wide range of jobs in my time, Nanny, Salesperson, Barista, Fortuneteller, Comic Con Celebrity Wrangler, currently I am working as a Freelance Illustrator. I’m an avid reader, gamer and a frequent writer. I am a collector of stories and a weaver of lore for my Wasteland and D&D communities. I have performed for Bawdy Storytelling 3 times and I once had the honor of being nominated for Best of Bawdy.

Art: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BurningGroundGraphix

Tarot: http://www.tarotofthewaste.com/

Website: http://www.jessicatcohen.com/

• From the west coast of Canada comes the multi-award winning cabaret musician, Shirley Gnome, whose all-original, uncensored music about human nature is hilarious, honest, subversive, smart, empowering, taboo and not for the faint of heart. Her cleverly carnal lyrics go down smooth with her inappropriately gorgeous vocals, and her charm will disarm you through even the most provocative topics. Her outlandish cover songs transform top 40 hits into dark social satire.

After a surprise win of Patrick Maliha’s The People’s Champ of Comedy in 2012, Gnome began working her charms in comedy clubs, music venues, and burlesque festivals across Canada. Gnome’s underground cult status got an international upgrade when she hit the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013, receiving rave reviews. She continued this success by touring internationally, wowing audiences and critics alike with sell out shows across Canada, the US, Australia, and New Zealand. She closed out the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s all-woman showcase UpFront in 2017. Her party anthem The Glitter Song went viral that same year, stacking up over half a million views.

She signed with 604 Records, and her 4th album Taking It Up The Notch debuted at #1 on the iTunes comedy charts in Canada when it debuted in 2017. In 2020, her follow up release with 604 Records (Comedy Here Often?), Decoxification, also went to number #1. She has released five full-length albums since her debut in 2009, which you can hear frequently on SiriusXM stations all over North America. You may have also heard her on Dan Savage’s chart topping podcast The Savage Lovecast.

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“The Original Sex + Storytelling series, featuring Real People & Rockstars sharing their Bona Fide Sexual Exploits, Live Onstage” – Playgirl


“The Moth for Pervs” – LA Weekly


“Best Erotic Podcast for 2020” – Oprah Magazine



Forbes Magazine calls Bawdy Storytelling the Best:



1 of Esquire’s 10 Best Sex Podcasts, no matter your taste:

http://bit.ly/BawdyBestOfEsquire (for 2018, 2019 – & 2020!)


1 of GQ Magazine’s Best Sex Podcasts (to make you Better in Bed):



#1 on Marie Claire’s 14 Best Sex Podcasts:



1 of Uproxx’s 10 Best Sex Podcasts to listen to right now:

The Best Sex Podcasts Right Now For Your Auditory Pleasure


Buzzfeed says Bawdy Storytelling is a Sex & Relationship podcast you should be listening to:



Hustler Magazine says “Dixie De La Tour is elevating

dirty talk to an art form…” ow.ly/Laab50wC0KH


Bustle says Bawdy Storytelling is a “Sexy Date Idea for a Long Term Relationship”



Winner of Best Storytelling Show (SFist.com), Best Storytelling Show (SF Weekly), Best Storytelling Show (LA Weekly) & 2-Time Best Literary Event (SF Bay Guardian)


“Dixie De La Tour’s scandalous, over-the-top Bawdy Storytelling series” – SF Weekly



August 1, 2020
7:00 pm PDT
$10 – $69
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Bawdy Storytelling
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