ACTION FICTION: atop the tribune tower

Thursday, July 26th 2012

Benjamin WachsScott Lambridis and W. Ross Ayers hosted the third installment of Action Fiction! atop the Oakland Tribune‘s tower. Local actors perform original short fiction by local writers with the following idea:

Great writers are not always great performers. Great writing should be as passionate and engaging in public as it is on the page. Readings should feel like war and love happening in front of you, not a museum exhibit.

These vids were filmed by the Action Fiction! crew, which had some technical difficulties: the introduction and first 3.5 stories are sans audio, but I’ve included them because of the view! Also, you can read each story (as is always the case, courtesy of Fiction365) by clicking on the titles, below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Cut” by Joshua Citrak, read by Mark Plutynski
  3. Where’s Bob?” by Vanessa Hemingway Blumberg, read by Meghan Rutigliano
  4. Ichiwa Ango” by James Warner, read by Robert Thomas
  5. [no video] An excerpt of A Partial History of Lost Causes by Jennifer DuBois, read by Caroline Scippa
  6. “The Secret World of Dad” by Cary Tennis, read by Jimmey Cross
  7. The Heap” by Scott Lambridis, read by Andie Grace
  8. Things Come to Life” by Sommer Schafer-AuYeung, read by Margarita Galindo
  9. Press Release” by Evan Winchester, read by Charlotte Speck & Gillian Eichenberger

Read more about Action Fiction here.