ALLEY CAT POETS: first wednesdays open mic hosted by lorna dee cervantes

[youtube_video width=399 height=233]Alley Cat[/youtube_video]

[ Wed Mar 7 12 ]

Lorna Dee Cervantes hosted the inaugural gathering of Alley Cat Poets, an open mic held on the first Wednesday of each month at Alley Cat Books in San Francisco’s Mission District. Features Cervantes and Jim Powell alternated and were then followed by Sharon Doubiago, Naomi Quiñónez, and Evan Karp.

Above is the whole show. Click “Play” to watch all, “Next” to skip forward, or the small “Insert” screen (to the right of the video time) to see thumbnails and watch them directly. Thanks to Ed Spruiell for the final video.

The next installment of Alley Cat Poets is Wednesday, April 4th and will feature Doubiago.