BADBADBAD: friends, who are you?

(Evan Karp)

We watched ourselves say things into a video camera we wouldn’t always admit to one another, projected onto a screen in the same room together and thought Wow, this is what we’ve been looking for: full disclosure. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to impose on other people, don’t want to infringe, that we don’t ask the questions that need asking, don’t pry at the doors for an opening. Homeboys say Hey what you lookin at? It’s a crime to look people in the eye, I’m told.

We who are trying so very hard to be legitimate so often keep our eyes closed and our heads down, stay focused, stay out of other people’s business. What’s been going on Not much how have you been? Good, good. All that. But who are you?

Sitting on the floor of Fivepoints Arthouse for the SF release party of Jesús Ángel García’s debut novel badbadbad it occurred to me that we all witnessed The Truth together and that this type of occasion can change the way we communicate with one another.

I don’t pretend to know how; I have not been going around with a video camera, asking everyone I see what their greatest fears are, what their most self-destructive behavior, etc. I’m not sure that’s what’s called for. But the event, the shared realization—gold. For a similar reason I’m really looking forward to hearing The Secret Secretaries‘ new Poetry Is Dead track when it’s all completed; if you’re just joining us, we’re talking about the collection of pure individual expression into a greater whole (for that track, The Sex asked a bunch of people to contribute any original text they wanted to be compiled as lyrics to their song, which each individual, I believe, will record in their studio).

Below is a trailer for one of the five segments of the movie component to badbadbad. I talk a little more about the book and about the event here; Benjamin Wachs talks about the event really well here.

Whoever you are, let me tell you that I’d prefer anyone to err on the side of inquisition than to respect my space into silence. I know how to disappear. And if I’m in a room, if I’m visible, fire away. I’m happy to reveal my dirtiest secrets… just not on the interwebs (thanks, brave souls, for the communal lesson). Maybe we should replace the question: How have you been (presuming so much) with Who are you (changes often, demands introspection).

I missed the first half of this event, sad to say, because first I went to the Out of Our release party and then to InsideStoryTime: Crossing Lines. Footage from the first half of 3xbad courtesy of Maureen Blennerhassett:

Original 3x bad Song

Odessa Chen‘s enchanting strumming + voice!

Chapter One

Tony DuShane gets physical

Meet Good Charlotte

Lauren Becker

Peter Rudy

Meet Shannon

Gear up, United States of America! badbadbad coming to a town near you!