BAY AREA PUBLIC SCHOOL: join the flock?

A note from Nicole Trigg:

Oakland’s favorite free, radical and volunteer-run school is back in action with a new location, a new website, a new way to contribute, and tons of new classes!


The Public School has always been committed to keeping all of its classes and events free of charge and free of solicitation, and we have been able to do this with the help of a group of sustainers called the Fab Fifty. We came up with this name because the idea was that fifty people, pledging $20 a month, could pay our $1000 rent and thus keep the space free for everyone else.

Unfortunately, the name ‘Fab Fifty’ has given the false impression that there are fifty such people — in fact, there have never been fifty, and we have always just scraped by on our rent. A lot of people support the School in spirit without knowing quite how strained our finances really are.

It’s time for a new name, based on solidarity, camraderie and serious mutual aid. So we’d like to invite you to take wing with our beloved mascot Publia Pigeon and join — The Flock!

The Flock consists of all those wonderful folks who are willing to become financial sustainers of the School. Thanks to this kind of support, we have kept our community space open without interruption since February 2013. But without community financial support the Public School can’t exist.

If you love the School — if you have benefited from our dozens of classes, seminars, talks and events — if you believe in the mission of radical and non-commercial civic spaces — we hope that you will join The Flock, and commit to $20 a month over the next year.

(You can make your contribution monthly or all at once.)

All those generous enough to join The Flock at $20 a month for a year will get a Public School T-shirt — let us know your size!

We also welcome larger and smaller recurring pledges, or one-time gifts of any size. We’re not going to harangue and harass you for money, but it’s important that all the members of our community know that the volunteer-run Public School requires financial support to pay our rent and expenses.

Please help all us volunteers keep our wonderful school alive!

It can’t happen without you!


The Bay Area Public School is ultra-proud to be one of the founding collectives of the Omni Oakland Commons (or the Omni for short), Oakland’s new social center, located at 4799 Shattuck Avenue (at 48th Street). The Omni is a grand experiment in collective administration of shared resources, and we are so excited to be part of it. All Public School classes, unless otherwise noted, will take place in one of the many classroom spaces now available to us at the Omni.

We also meet every Thursday at 6pm for our organizing meeting and we’d love to see you there. Whoopee!


Thanks to the work of Public School volunteers and comrades from Sudo Room hackerspace, we now have a new calendar and course proposal setup. You can find class listings at — or propose one of your own!


This fall the Public School is unleashing over a dozen new classes — on Vampire Poetics, on Qu’ranic Arabic, on Value in Capitalism & Communism, on Soup, on the Secular, on Meeting Facilitation, on Chess, on the Poetry and Poetics of Amelia Rosselli, on The Society of the Spectacle…

We’re also forming an arts and crafts department with new classes in drawing, puppet-making, & textiles as well as an upcoming Aesthetics lecture series.

And there’s more to come!

The Bay Area Public School is growing and growing, and our new space makes it even more possible for us to pursue our goals of free education and community organizing for solidarity.