BEST AMERICAN POETRY 2012: west coast launch @ mill valley library

The West Coast launch of The Best American Poetry 2012 was held inside the Mill Valley Library, which was packed to hear a group of the anthology’s poets. Below is an index of the videos. – Thursday, November 8th 2012


  1. Introduction
  2. Kay Ryan intros Rae Armantrout
  3. Rae Armantrout
  4. Rae Armantrout intros Bruce Bond
  5. Bruce Bond
  6. Bruce Bond intros Stephanie Brown
  7. Stephanie Brown
  8. Stephanie Brown intros Amy Glynn Graecen
  9. Amy Glynn Graecen
  10. Amy Glynn Graecen intros Brenda Hillman
  11. Brenda Hillman
  12. Brenda Hillman intros Jane Hirshfield
  13. Jane Hirshfield
  14. Jane Hirshfield intros Dean Rader
  15. Dean Rader
  16. Dean Rader intros Kay Ryan
  17. Kay Ryan
  18. Thanks to Mark Doty, editor

These poets share differing views on the nature of poetry.