BLUE TEAM 10-8: poetry world series

[ Wed Oct 5 11 ] | Readthe ideas behind this event
Audience put topics into a hat. Peg Alford Pursell selected three rounds of topics. For each one, a pair of poets went head to head, batting at the topic and representing their respective teams: blue and red.

RED TEAM: Dean Rader, Troy Jollimore, and Ada Limon

BLUE TEAM: Matthew Zapruder, Melissa Stein, and Robin Ekiss

JUDGES: Daniel Handler and Evan Karp


Round 1:

“Snakeskin:” Dean Rader vs. Robin Ekiss

“Glass Shoes:” Matthew Zapruder vs. Dean Rader

“Corporate Greed OR Cocktails:” Troy Jollimore vs. Melissa Stein


 Round 2:

“America:” Melissa Stein vs. Ada Limon

“Spontaneous Combustion:” Robin Ekiss vs. Troy Jollimore

“Crimes of State OR States of Crime:” Dean Rader vs. Matthew Zapruder


Round 3:

“Grandmothers Knows:” Troy Jollimore vs. Matthew Zapruder

“San Francisco:” Melissa Stein vs. Ada Limon

“Weather OR Whether:” Ada Limon vs. Robin Ekiss


Team Blue won with a score of 10-8.

Readthe ideas behind this event