Litseen events cancelled

Calendar update + friendly health reminder: COVID-19

Update: click here for a listing of upcoming virtual events.

In light of the California Dept. of Public Health (CDPH) recommending event organizers to shut down all unnecessary events, we here at Litseen are encouraging everyone to comply with this recommendation and stay home. You should assume all near-future events are cancelled and certainly follow the original source link to see if something’s still happening before attending (really, you should be staying in unless absolutely necessary).

Thoroughly and regularly washing your hands, avoiding public spaces if you feel ill, taking care of your immune system, and cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces are all ways to reduce COVID-19’s impact on you and your community. Please check out the CDPH’s website for more information.

While it’s unfortunate that we will be missing out on some great literary events across the Bay Area, the health of our community and the impact that prevention methods have on those most vulnerable to illness is worth canceling or postponing these events.

We also recommend that you take this time to read! Finish that book you have laying around or check out our archive of sPARKLE & bLINK for something new – there you can read and/or watch all previous Quiet Lightning performances. You can also watch countless hours of performances from other orgs and authors around the Bay Area – simply scroll through our video playlists or check out our Youtube channel.

You might also consider ordering books from your local bookstores. We know Booksmith and Green Apple are offering free shipping within SF. Take advantage of this extra time to read something besides the news (though do that, too! It’s important to know what’s happening).

Meanwhile, here are a couple of resources we’ve seen floating around:

Take care and stay safe!