CALL AND RESPONSE: Camille Seaman + Addleds

An experiment in arts and lectures, combining performance and presentation in the form of Call and Response: a specialist in any field gives a presentation—of any kind—in their area of expertise, followed by an informal Q&A, and a musical response by some of the Bay Area’s finest creative musicians.

Curated by Kristina Dutton, the series recurs roughly every other month; this show, held on Sunday, April 19, 2015 at The Emerald Tablet, features a presentation by extreme photographer Camille Seaman, and a response by Addleds: Kyle Bruckman on oboe/English horn, Tony Dryer on double bass, Jacob Felix Heule on percussion, and Kanoko Nishi on koto:

Camille Seaman by Della Heywood • profileCamille Seaman strongly believes in capturing photographs that articulate that humans are not separate from nature. She is a photographer and explorer for Camille Seaman Photography. Her photographs have been featured in prestigious publications, including National Geographic and TIME magazine. Seaman has a bachelor’s degree in the fine arts photography from the State University of New York at Purchase. She has won several photography awards, including a National Geographic Award and the Critical Mass Top Monograph Award. In 2008, Seaman was honored with a solo exhibit, “The Last Iceberg,” at the National Academy of Sciences. Camille Seaman advocates the importance of recognizing the relationship between humans and their natural surroundings.

Addleds, the quartet of Kyle Bruckmann (oboe/English horn), Tony Dryer (double bass), Jacob Felix Heule  (percussion) and Kanoko Nishi (koto), explores timbral and textural extremes of distended instrumental technique via improvisation and open-ended compositional strategies. Their music tends towards a brutalist minimalism as informed by the noise underground as by recent developments in the field of free improvisation.

Addleds by Della HeywoodIndividually, the members have performed with other groups and regular collaborators across the gamut of new music both local (Basshaters, Ettrick, Jacob Lindsay, Jon Raskin, Gino Robair, Aram Shelton) and elsewhere (Michel Doneda, Boris Hauf, Giuseppe Ielasi, Polwechsel, Jack Wright, C Spencer Yeh). Together, they began developing their collective sound in 2010. They work frequently with artists of various disciplines, prominently including dancer Christine Bonansea.