CHARLES KRUGER: to discover the theme

(Rick Kleffel)

“I’m interested in any kind of numinosity at all, but i don’t know that i’m actually a believer.” —Charles Kruger

Coming from the man who created the Storming Bohemia website, it’s not all that surprising that Charles Kruger is not the sort of fellow who sits down with the intention of writing a certain sort of poem. You’d expect improvisation to play a part, and you’d be correct.

Kruger is a videographer for Litseen; I met him at a talk I hosted with Guillermo Del Toro last year. He’s also an accomplished and published poet, so I had him read some poems that he had read at Quiet Lightning, a sort of moveable feast of literature, food and drink in San Francisco, hosted by Evan Karp.

There are no introductions at these gatherings. The poets simply get up and speak with work. This interview with Charles was performed at KUSP, shortly before he did the videography for my conversation with Diana Paxson. With no further introduction then, you can hear my conversation with Charles Kruger by following this link to the MP3 audio file.

Or watch the interview on video: