CHEMICAL WEDDING: melissa stein, jason r jimenez, maw shein win + benjamin wachs w/shenandoah davis + sean nelson

Readings by Melissa SteinJason R JimenezMaw Shein Win and Benjamin Wachs, with music by Shenandoah Davis and Sean Nelson as part of the third Chemical Wedding, a collaboration between Quiet Lightning, Name Drop Swamp Records, and The Emerald Tablet, and the launch party for the first issue of vitriol magazine, at Doc’s Lab on December 14 2014—to the date, the five-year anniversary of the first Quiet Lightning.

The next Chemical Wedding will be at The Emerald Tablet on Sunday, February 15th, w/artists to be announced shortly!

Quiet Lightning’s next show is on Monday, January 5th at Green Apple Books on the Park. They’re accepting submissions for their show on Feb 2 and are just beginning a yearlong ekphrastic project.