CHEMICAL WEDDING: Sarah Griffin, Nora Toomey, Taylor Jacobs, Juliana Delgado Lopera, Bill Hughes + AlphaDog (Kristina Dutton + Teddy Rankin-Parker)

Readings by Sarah Griffin, Nora ToomeyJuliana Delgado Lopera, and Bill Hughes, and music by Taylor Jacobs and AlphaDog for the fourth Chemical Wedding, a collaboration between Quiet Lightning, Name Drop Swamp Records, and The Emerald Tablet, hosted by Chris Cole and Andrew Paul Nelson on February 15, 2015.

The next Chemical Wedding will be at The Emerald Tablet on Sunday, April 12th, w/Jason Morris, Clara Hsu, Alejandro Murguia and more TBA!

Quiet Lightning’s next show is on Monday, March 2nd at WeWork Golden Gate. They’re accepting submissions for their show on Apr 6, are in the midst of a yearlong ekphrastic project, and are hoping you’ll take a few minuets to be a part of their next film.