CHEMICAL WEDDING: Jayinee Basu, Jesús Castillo, Billy Banks, Mauro Javier Cardenas, Raina León + Ari Lindo

Readings by Jayinee BasuJesús CastilloMauro Javier Cardenas, and Raina J. León, w/music by Billy Banks and Ari Lindo for the sixth Chemical Wedding, a collaboration between Quiet Lightning, Name Drop Swamp Records, and The Emerald Tablet, hosted by Evan Karp on June 14, 2015. Watch the whole show below:


The event was also the launch party for the second issue of vitriol magazine. Follow those links to read parts of both issues online and for info about getting a hardcopy.

The next Chemical Wedding will be announced soon.

Quiet Lightning’s next show is on Thursday, July 2nd at Modern Eden Gallery, curated by Carolyn Cooke and featuring Randall BabtkisJason Magabo Perez, Brynn Saito, and Ahmunet Jessica Jordon reading their written responses to the group exhibition “Superhero”.