CINQUE PRIMAVERA: a first first friday at the emerald tablet

[ Fri Apr 6 12 ]

The Emerald Tablet hosted the opening reception to Cinque Primavera: Poetic Art Exhibit featuring the work of George Long, Jack Hirschman, Della Heywood, Agneta Falk, and James Cha with performances by, in the following order:

  1. Bobby Coleman + Virginia Barrett [Occupy Anthology]
  2. Jack Hirschman
  3. Neeli Cherkovski
  4. Jessica Loos
  5. Sharon Doubiago
  6. Dottie Payne
  7. ?
  8. Agneta Falk
  9. George Long

Our friends at the Em Tab have become quite a wonderful hub for the art scene in North Beach, and I am happy to announce they will be doing regular first Friday events. Stay tuned for more on that; as you can see above, the community pervades.

Above is the entire evening. Click “Play” to watch all, “Next” to skip forward, or the small “Playlist” screen (to the right of the video time) to see thumbnails and watch them directly.