other than what we have come to expect a crowd in the bar goes ooh when they hear what the reading thing is colon a seasonal series that asks writers to interpret a phrase not easily translated into english ooh right comma so on with the readings then:

like death he never gets his timing write she said and he for love of you it hurts in my heart and my hat they hurt me who would buy it from me this ribbon i am holding

nobody’s staring deep into the piscataqua comma electric whiplash of go don’t go there was poetry in your room  all she could picture was poetry in your cock comma was poetry in your face comma your hands your mouth comma your teeth your coat comma angel island was on fire and no one thought to call it poetry no one rolled a cigarette and watched it burn all the way no one even called it pretty

ladies and gentlemen in these lectures i am so bored i am covered in fine ash on the verge of a peppery sneeze she said comma my voice has neither gleams nor angles in this mash-up poem of lorca’s spanish prose piece

he didn’t believe there really was some guy named fyodor dostoevsky who had really and actually written something as good as that comma and he was two years younger than irazh and couldn’t wait until he was in twelfth grade and reading things that he couldn’t believe the person who wrote them wrote them

more than death has its teeth bared so much more than muscle and blood is at stake and he spoke of how night and day used to be the same before the divorce before the sun and the moon split up with shared custody of the sky

these days satisfaction means your needs are deified slash the soul is advertisement for one last romantic ride for which the clerics charge admission just to see the sacrifice pause burning candles on the altar by the minutes to one light as the ghouls and the galleries cheer while waiting in line to buy beer from some ravishing slave on the stage while the world disappears sang he