CLIVE MATSON HONORED AT 10TH ANNUAL BERKELEY POETRY FESTIVAL: lifetime achievement award on sat may 5

Clive Matson has devoted much of his life to poetry, has influenced and continues to influence a lot of people along the way. His way. For this and for his body of work, Clive is to receive this year’s lifetime achievement award at the Berkeley Poetry Festival, which will be this Saturday from noon – 4:30pm at Berkeley City College Atirum (2050 Center St).

Here’s Clive at Quiet Lightning with Gael Alcock on cello, and below you can listen to his reading and conversation with Jack Foley on last week’s Cover to Cover:

Clive was on Jack Foley’s KPFA program Cover to Cover last week (the show airs 3pm PST every Wednesday). Take a listen to find out more about Clive; to hear conversation about being an “authenticity junkie”, how speaking with someone else’s voice can make us more authentic; to hear Clive read a selection from Chalcedony’s Songs; Jack’s brilliant response; the wind between the lines on your to-do list; political poems from the inner life; Writing Occupy Workshop, the movement, and the feeling in your body; Clive reading a passage from Hourglass and a beautiful explanation thereof:

Cover to Cover with Jack Foley and special guest Clive Matson – April 18, 2012

Click here to listen


Below is more about the festival itself:















In case you can’t read images, there will be an art show in conjunction with the poetry festival for the third year now, which will begin at 11am and run until 4:30.

Readers will include Matson, Mary Mackey, Jack and Adelle Foley, Julia Vinograd, Gary Turchin and Marc Olmsted—to name an impressive but very incomplete few.

Make it a Saturday!

At night, the Lunada Literary Lounge concludes is season with performances by Tim Z. Fernandez, Aya de Leon, and a bilingual open mic with music! Holler if you want to meet up for either or both of these events: