CONVERSATIONS AT THE WARTIME CAFE: a marathon of readings for a decade of war

[youtube_video width=399 height=233]Wartime[/youtube_video]

[ Thurs Nov 3 11 ]

To celebrate the release of Conversations at the Wartime Cafe: A Decade of War, editor + publisher Sean Labrador y Manzano put together a marathon of readings at the DNA Lounge on Thurs Nov 3 11, beginning at 7pm and ending near 1am. The idea for the anthology grew out of the column Manzano writes for McSweeney’s.

  1. Aimee Suzara
  2. Kathryn L. Pringle*
  3. Michelle Puckett
  4. Leonard Chan
  5. Daphne Gottlieb
  6. Hugh-Behm Steinberg
  7. Alan Kaufman
  8. Alexandra Kostoulas
  9. Keely Hyslop
  10. Genine Lentine
  11. Miranda Mellis*
  12. Nick Johnson
  13. Estee Schwartz
  14. Nick Uzzell
  15. Marissa Bell Toffoli
  16. Sara Larsen
  17. Evan Karp
  18. Arisa White
Above is a little more than the second half of the evening. Click “Play” to watch all, “Next” to skip forward, or the small “Insert” screen (to the right of the video time) to see thumbnails and watch them directly. The readers who kicked off the event are below (in the appropriate order). 5-minute breaks were taken directly after each *. The following readers began the show: