DON’T CRY FOR ME, OAKLAND: a farewell to meg day + july westhale

(Charles Kruger)

Beloved poet/teacher/activist and Mills College MFA Meg Day has been a huge contributor to the Bay Area literary scene for the past several years. She has mentored countless young poets through her work with Youth Speaks and as a teaching artist with WritersCorps. Fellow Mills MFA July Westhale has been equally engaged. These two queer artists are the very definition of “activist/writer” and together they make a lot of joyful revolutionary noise.

It is no surprise, then, that when they announced their impending departure for Salt Lake City, many lined up to pay tribute at a going away party in Oakland.

“Don’t Cry For Me, Oakland” at the Actual Cafe on Aug 5 was a lovefest, featuring some of the duo’s poet and activist friends and a whole lot of emotional goodbyes. Not to mention a fundraising raffle that included the likes of a unicorn piñata stuffed with condoms!

Litseen would not have missed this for the world, and hereby congratulates Salt Lake City on the coming transformation that these two artists will surely engender. Best of luck and godspeed, Meg and July!

Meg Day Introduces Kiala Givehand

Kiala Givehand

Evan Karp

Anna Anti-palindrome

Naamen Tilahun

Michelle Geck

[you have to be there sometimes!]

Jacks McNamara

Daphne Gottlieb