EAST BAY POETRY SUMMIT: fundraiser + rummage sale

Last year, poets from all over the place spent a weekend in Oakland for four days of readings, bbq and karaoke (aka East Bay Poetry Summit). It was fun, inspiring… anything you could want out of a weekend! I’m shortchanging it here; this was something that needed to happen again. So it is! This fourth of July weekend.

They’re raising money this Sunday, June 8th, with a rummage sale, a bike wash, tarot readings with Z Darr Tuck, and performances by GossimerKern Haug of A White Hunter, and DJ All Day

Help the EBPS if you can! Funds go directly to the authors flying in to read, and to help pay for food. Community magic is inevitable, even occurring right now!!! Will you be a part of it?

It’s ok if you don’t have funds. It’s possible you could also volunteer to wash bicycles! Or you could just go and enjoy the performances and make some new friends. Everyone’s really friendly, and I suppose if someone wasn’t they would probably be told as much.

I wrote a little profile leading up to the event last year, if you want more information. Whatever you do, if you’re in the SF Bay Area over the July 4th weekend and you enjoy poetry and/or literature, you should plan to get in on as much of this action as you possibly can! Here’s the schedule.