HOTEL IN A BOTTLE: original dance theater inspired by the works of haruki murakami

Credit: Mark McBeth Pictured: Lynn Huang and Chris Luo

Talking cats, men trapped in television sets & sheep professors search wordlessly through dance to discover their lost halves. This immersive atmosphere is Hotel in a Bottle: a multi-media dance production drawing inspiration from the imagery, music, and text of Haruki Murakami’s writing.

As part of CounterPULSE‘s Winter Special, Hotel in a Bottle will run Friday, February 10th + Saturday, February 11th at 8pm. Performers are: Silvia Girardi, Lynn Huang, Daria Kaufman and Melissa Kennedy. Tickets are $2o and can be purchased here.

To fully partake in the performance atmosphere of Hotel in a Bottle, patrons are requested to wear black tie apparel. Priority seating will be available for those who comply.