UNDER THE INFLUENCE: chloé veylit, brandon brown, melissa r. sipin, maggie heaps lauffer + sunnylyn thibodeax

Evan Karp + Lapo Guzzini hosted the thirteenth installment of Under the Influence, a performance series held on the fourth Friday of every month at The Emerald Tablet in North Beach, on April 25th 2014.

  1. Chloé Veylit ~ Frank O’Hara
  2. Brandon Brown ~ Sextus Propertius
  3. Melissa R. Sipin ~ Roberto Bolaño
  4. Maggie Heaps Lauffer ~ Glenn Kotche + Harryette Mullen
  5. Sunnylyn Thibodeaux ~ Duncan McNaughton + Nathaniel Mackey

The next show will be on Friday, May 23rd, featuring Sarah Heady ~ Laura Walker; Derek Fenner ~ René Depestre; Lindsey Englehardt ~ Albertus Seba; Erin Ginder-Shaw ~ Rick Moody; Alana Siegel ~ The Zohar!—details about all performers, what influences they’ll channel, and video links hereSubmissions are rolling, so send something in already!