UNDER THE INFLUENCE: miranda mellis, lorelei lee, nicole trigg + kevin devaney

Evan Karp + Lapo Guzzini hosted the ninth installment of Under the Influence, a performance series held on the fourth Friday of every month at The Emerald Tablet in North Beach, on November 22nd 2013.

  1. Miranda MellisMarcel Proust + Nanni Balestrini
  2. Lorelei Lee ~ Donna de la Perrière
  3. Nicole Trigg ~ Jennifer Moxley
  4. Kevin Devaney ~ Brian S. Ellis

The next show will be on Friday, January 24th, featuring Simona Schneider, Jason Jimenez, Jason Bayani, Channing Kennedy, and Eric Sneathen!—details about all performers, what influences they’ll channel, and video links up soon hereSubmissions are rolling, so send something in whenever you’re ready.