LITPOD: the litseen podcast now with more features wants help (yours)

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The above is a second draft at a series I’m working on, potentially to be syndicated by a larger station. The initial idea was to present some clips from my favorite readings each week and to talk about the authors and the places I see them, and this second episode aims to be more chatty and informative.* All footage and notes are from Wed Mar 21 – Wed Mar 28, in the following order:

  1. Lyrics & Dirges and Beast Crawl [more here]
  2. Ellen Ullman [more here]
  3. New Poetry Mission and Sean Patrick Mulroy [more soon]
  4. Re@ds with Brian Ang [more here]
  5. Bang Out [more soon]
  6. LitUp Writers and Graham Gremore [more soon]
  7. All music by Fox & Woman

You can subscribe to the litpod (through iTunes) here. We will be publishing regular excerpts and occasional shows in addition to the weekly reviews. In fact, we have recently published a handful of delights (any of which you can listen to by clicking on the links below or by selecting one from the LitPod, below and to the right):

*Here’s the first episode. If you have any thoughts about the direction of our week in review, I’d be most happy to hear them. Please send me a note at or comment below. I definitely stumble a time or two in this week’s episode (and even a couple mistakes: Bang Out will continue to be every other month and the Reading Room was funded by the Kadist Foundation), and I’ve still got some work to do incorporating the music, but since we’re still essentially in pilot I hope you’ll forgive me for all this. Mostly, I’d really like to know what you like and what you don’t. Please enjoy responsibly!