LITQUAKE 2014: schedule now online

Litquake celebrates their 15th anniversary this year! The festival runs from Friday, October 10th – Saturday, October 18th and features approximately 850 authors over an average of about a dozen events per day, with many of the events free.

Here you can find all the events in one place. But here they are by day:

Friday, 10th

Saturday, 11th

Sunday, 12th

Monday, 13th

Tuesday, 14th

Wednesday, 15th

Thursday, 16th

Friday, 17th

Saturday, 18th

Lit Crawl (part of Saturday, 18th)

Stay tuned… as things get closer we’ll try to give you a rundown of some of our favorite events. But we can’t stress it enough: see what else is out there. Take advantage of Litquake; they’ve spent the last like 10 months putting this thing together, and they’ve included more things than you could possibly imagine—from near and far, from your friends and from people who might be your friends by the time of next year’s festival.

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