MARATHON READING OF THE MAXIMUS POEMS: a great way to meet new people

[youtube_video width=399 height=233]Olson[/youtube_video]

[ Feb 25 12 ]

As part of the One Loves Only Form project, Emily Gable and Brianna Toth hosted a marathon reading of Charles Olson‘s The Maximus Poems. The group, which met at noon at Ocean Beach, morphed, and left for the nearby indoors after three hours of brutal 20mph winds, finished the entire 700-pg opus at approximately 11:15pm.

Above are some clips of us reading. Us is, in order:

  1. Nathan Dwyer
  2. Charles Kruger
  3. Matt Montgomery
  4. Brianna Toth + Emily Gable
  5. Evan Karp
It was the first time I met any of these people (excepting Charles, of course) and the first time I ever read any substantial part of The Maximus Poems and, I have to say, reading a master work with new people is an excellent way to experience both things! In fact, we’re talking about the possibility of regular marathons.

More on that soon, but first: You should look more into this project. Emily and Brianna are looking for people who might want to read—live, on the air—and a bunch of other things. They’re both fun, and One Loves Only Form is just getting started. Maybe you should hang out and read some poetry.