MCSWEENEY’S POETRY SERIES: subscription chain

A note from our friends at McSweeney’s:

These are trying times at the McSweeney’s Poetry Series. Not because we don’t have oodles of incredible work we want to bring into the world in lush hardcover editions—but because, in the transition to nonprofit [more here and here], the company as a whole has had to tighten its belt severely.

In our especially quixotic little corner, we aren’t yet saying the word “crisis,” but we’re definitely thinking it.

To get through this rough patch, we need your help—specifically your financial support. Badly.

Fragile ActsWe’re trying to secure $10,000 by the end of January. And another $10,000 by the end of February. Each installment of 10K will allow us to send to press marvelous, all but finished, waiting-to-go-out-the-door collections of poetry. One by Daniel Khalastchi and one by Emily Carr.

Khalastchi and Carr’s collections will join our 8 previous collections—which have been praised in publications such as Vanity Fair, Boston Review, LA Review of Books, SF Chronicle, and Huffington Post—and which have been honored by the National Book Critics Circle, the Oregon Book Award, the California Book Award, and the PEN Center Literary Award.

We can raise this money if we sign up 223 people for our “subscription club” by the end of January, and another 223 by the end of February.

To be clear: This is not your typical fundraising plea.

These poets depend on your support—urgently, at this very moment—in order for their blood-and-sweat collections to see the light of day sometime within the next year.

Signing up for the subscription club is pretty simple. You click the link below, and via that send us $45, and then we send you our next 4 poetry titles, straight to your door.

Your dollars are precious to us, and they are a dearly needed investment in the future of the series, and in poetry publishing generally.

So, I write wishing/hoping/begging you to:

  1. Go to and sign up for a subscription.
  2. Send a quick confirmation note to to say you’ve done so, and, perhaps most importantly,
  3. Pass this note on to several folks you think love poetry, or literature, or the McSweeney’s Poetry Series, or the art of the book …

We hope to start a chain! Our fingers are crossed! Please help! Please buy a subscription for everyone you know! We love you! On behalf of our staff and our poets … thank you.

Jesse Nathan