NCBPMA: introduction to self publishing

Tuesday, July 31st 2012

The Northern California Books Publicity & Marketing Association hosted a panel on Self Publishing at San Francisco’s Hotel Rex, moderated by Joel Frielander with Nina Amir, Michael Ashley, Alan Peterson, and Katie Sheehan. Below is a basic index of each video:

  1. Introduction of program
  2. Introduction of panelists
  3. Technology
    1. Strong website
    2. Blog tours
    3. Mailing list
    4. Have a platform
    5. Peer to peer marketing
    6. Blogs: build a presence online
    7. Answer: what is success to you?
  4. Publicity and Marketing
    1. Build a network of networks
      1. Social media/video
      2. Hire outside publicists
      3. Niche publicizing: How to Blog a Book
      4. Publicity as a means to get speaking engagements
      5. Radio, TV, newspaper traditions
    2. Fish where the fish are
      1. iPad Publishing Guide
      2. Be prepared to spend money
      3. Write a good book
      4. Invest in editing and good design
      5. Pitch the author, not the book
      6. HuffPo, BeliefNet,, Reporter Connection,
  5. More tips
    1. Blogapalooza tour
    2. Dana Lynn Smith: virtual booktours @ The Savvy Book Marketer
    3. Joel Frielander: expert advice… companion
    4. It’s not about distribution anymore, but discovery
  6. Questions
    1. Fact-checking: rights: approach a publisher for more than how many words?
    2. Don’t publish a book that hasn’t been properly edited
    3. Permissions should take place in the editorial process
    4. You should have a developmental editor and a proofreader
    5. $: pricing of books and how much to pay for editing
      1. Enormous range
      2. Pricing is a marketing function
      3. Research this first!