NEW POETRY MISSION: make some noise

Tues Feb 10 11, Viracocha

(Nicole McFeely)

Writers. Its time to turn off your disconnect. On February 10th Sam Sax, Nic Alea, and Andrew Paul Nelson assumed control as the hosts of the Poetry Mission reading series. The free event, now dubbed New Poetry Mission, will occur on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month from 7-9 PM at Viracocha.  However, that’s pretty much all audiences can expect to remain the same.

This isn’t your run of the mill reading series. The show’s primary goal isn’t to entertain an uninvolved audience but to create a space for writers to speak to and critique other writers. In doing so, it not only seeks to nurture and improve the work of those involved but push poetics and language to new levels. The series challenges its writers to speak up and answer the question: is poetry an affliction? And, if not, then why are we bothering to write at all?

The first feature of the revamped series—Kim Johnson—turned in a dynamic performance, highlighting the caliber of work the series expects to produce. Next week’s feature—Lauren Wheeler—can certainly be expected to do more of the same. Excited yet? Then get writing! Every second Thursday will be themed and every fourth will be all about new shit, so come prepared.

Timid poets beware: participants can expect some tough criticism, possibly even in the form of peanuts. But don’t let that scare you … it’s all out of love. If you want to become a part of this crucial new conversation, feel free to show up and sign up, but you’d better be there early as spots are limited.

For more information check out the facebook event page or contact

Below, you can check out all of the readers from the show’s first installment:

Tim Donnelly

Daphne Abattoir

Justice Sweet

Colin Fischer

Vinnie the Leon



Charlie Getter

Dusty Rose

Duo Von Dagrate

Nagba Soul

Kim Johnson