OCCUPY THE PORTS: join the poets, join the revolution, strike back

On Mon Dec 12 at 9am a group of people from the Revolutionary Poets Brigade are meeting at the Civic Center BART station entrance (above ground – UN Plaza), then to West Oakland and on to the port for the Occupy Movement’s attempt at a West Coast Port Shutdown. The call to march begins as early as 5:30a, from West Oakland BART. More (and up-to-date) information can be found at the website.

Here is a video of a group of the poets at Occupy SF on Nov. 20:

The circumstances were interesting: the riot squad was lined up right behind us, not 10 feet away. We were in the middle of Market Street with a few tents and a good-sized crowd. It was in front of the Federal Reserve Bank where the tents and protesters had been raided the night before.

— Steven Gray

The main camp of Occupy SF was wiped out Tuesday (with 70+ arrests) and again earlier today (with 50+ arrests). All of the tents have been removed and cop cars line the streets, ready to accost anyone who lingers.

There is more information about tomorrow’s West Coast Port Shutdown on the Facebook page. Read more: [Mother Jones] [Guardian UK], and listen at 10am: [KQED], featuring:

  • Boots Riley, musician and participant in Occupy Oakland
  • Craig Merrilees, communications director for the International Longshore and Warehouse Union
  • Isaac Kos-Read, director of external affairs for the Port of Oakland

Other intersections of art + occupy:

  • Clive Matson hosts a weekly, open-to-the-public gathering called WOW: Writing Occupy Workshop. Part of Occupy Oakland, the group will meet in the North Side of Oscar Grant Plaza in Downtown Oakland from 1pm–3pm every Wednesday.
  • Do you know about the Occupy SF Art and Performance Series? Check it out.