ORGASMIC: passport to the big O

Jan 28 11, The Booksmith

(Maureen Blennerhassett)

Who better to spend a Friday evening with than the crème de la crème of women’s erotica? Sounds orgasmic, right?

Well, dear hedonists, that’s exactly the company I was in on January 28. Erotic editor extraordinaire Rachel Kramer Bussel hosted a reading from Orgasmic: Erotica for Women at the Booksmith. It felt dirty and forbidden to be listening among the stacks of children’s nonfiction, self-help, and cookbooks, to steamy stories about role-playing, big black dildos, and bondage fetishes. Despite the audience giggles, the excerpts that were shared exceeded the realm of clit-lit masturbation fodder.

Orgasmic is a compilation of almost every kinky insight into the female orgasm. The authors use humor, sensuous imagery, poetic prose, Shakespearean dialogue and even technical science lingo. Their objects of desire range from a hammer to Charlie Sheen. They are speaking to you: the unfaithful married man, the gender queer with dick envy, the desperate housewife looking for marital rejuvenation. You: the voyeur and indulger of pleasure.

Susie Hara started the night off with “Fixing the Pipes,” (anthologized in Orgasmic). It’s a story about Bobbie and Scott—a tired marriage cliché until Bobbie meets Rick, a hammer wielding plumber sent to fix Bobbie’s pipes.

[NOTE: These videos are for devirginized ears only!]

Donna George prefaces her Orgasmic contribution with an article that the narrator reads, entitled, “The Sexercise Prescription: A Stronger, Secret You in Six Weeks.” This story is perhaps the hottest, most sensuous, and may I add—accurate—description of a female orgasm that I’ve heard!

Violet Blue (nonfiction sex writer and sexpert who has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show … and to leave it at that is really selling her short) engaged the crowd with a hilarious account of a tattooed goth chick named Ducky who reads up on BDSM and performs it on her gay BFF Oscar, an aspiring leather boy. “The Fugly Ducky,” written by  Thomas Roche, had everyone laughing along with Ducky’s socially unacceptable misadventures.

Rachel Kramer Bussel travelled through the snow from New York City to regale the hungry audience with “Espionage,” dedicated to anyone who has fallen for someone unavailable. She speaks in the voice of a spy, infiltrating the homes and hotel rooms of the married, the serial “other woman,” desperate and in denial. The two passages Bussel reads are hauntingly poetic and secretly sexy. In one scene, the lovers are in a closet. She remembers that the human heart is the size of a human fist and wonders, as he is fisting her, if she is receiving a part of his heart. Hmmm, listen for yourself!

To finish it off, Dusty Horn gave us “Share” (included in Orgasmic). It’s a fantastic take on queer sex and the importance of the G-Spot. She introspectively shared a scene in which the narrator uses a strap-on to “manifest her love” for her partner. Horn gets into the psyche of a 21st century queer alpha female easily and beautifully. The climax: “You are wailing a single note. And too bad I don’t have perfect pitch or I would sing in that key.”

These women can also be found in several female erotica anthologies like Best Women’s Erotica, X: The Erotic Treasury, and Hot Women’s Erotica.