PICK OF THE WEEK: 20 of our favorite readings from may

We’re going through some changes over here at Litseen, and partly because of this we haven’t done a single Pick of the Week this month. Has that bummed you out? Us too. But don’t fear: this feature’s not going anywhere, and to prove it we present this roundup of some of our favorite readings from the past 4 weeks. Enjoy!

The authors you’ll find above, in order, with links to the shows they performed in (if the latter is missing it denotes that all vids since the prior show link belong to the same show):

  1. Donald Dunbar
  2. D.W. Lichtenberg
  3. Diana SalierLetters from Robots Release Party
  4. Carolyn CookeLiterary Death Match SF 44
  5. Patrick Marr
  6. Jack + Adelle Foley
  7. Clive Matson10th Annual Berkeley Poetry Festival
  8. Isak Lindenauer
  9. Joseph Lease
  10. Doug Cordell
  11. Tom Comitta
  12. Nate WaggonerQuiet Lightning @ Alley Cat Books
  13. William Taylor Jr.The Road from Artifice to Nowhere
  14. Michael David Lukas
  15. Sarah Maria GriffinLiterary Death Match SF 45
  16. Camille T. Dungy
  17. Tom Oristaglio – 14 Hills 18.2 Release Party (more soon)
  18. Megan Kaminski
  19. Dan Thomas Glass – Poetry @ The Long Haul (more soon)
  20. The Razor Babes – @ Boxcar Theatre (more soon)