PICK OF THE WEEK: Jesús Castillo

If you saw Jesús Castillo read an excerpt from Remains during Quiet Lightning 9, then no doubt he was one of the reasons you went to 2.0 this past Monday. Sorry for the lighting, but it’s certainly worth the play. (And/)Or you can read the full text below (for best reading experience, click here).

Each line implies so much that the sentences become stories by the simple fact of their periods. Each line builds a cloud of ruminations that bounce around as we move forward. I can almost barely continue but it’s all I want to do. To inhabit the previous sentence, or to skip forward like a child through a meadow? I can’t tell which will be more enjoyable; the poetry assures of abundance; I have never so well understood the majesty of a deer as it looks up on the highway. Holy Whatever, it thinks. RIGHTEOUS. Two worlds so different—different laws of physics—yet the deer … well, maybe the deer is, after all, different too.

Calendar » Hey, we’ve got something like a calendar going. Send us your events and we’ll get them up there. Actually, when I say us it’s not just rhetorical this time: Nic Alea will be taking over in the calendar dept. You should send information to her and to me, if it’s not too much trouble (it shouldn’t be!).

Hold on tight this week. If we had to give you a must-see: Monday night’s Rumpus features Derrick Brown, Bucky Sinister, Peter Orner, Amber Tamblyn, and Andrew Paul Nelson. That’s probably … yeah, can’t beat it. Wednesday you can check out Numina’s event (and throw things at me while I try to MC) or geek out on sex with Bawdy Storytelling. Thursday’s yelling at me because it deserves the spotlight: Why There Are Words celebrates its one year anniversary with some of the highlights from Year 1. Friday: holy words: Literary Death Match, not one, but TWO bouts of Porchlight Storytelling (as part of SF Sketchfest), the DVAN fundraiser, and the Oversocial Mofo Review (that last one’s in San Jose, but I hear it’s worth the trip). This paragraph is an indication of more than my verbosity. Saturday catch two stellar poets at a new series. And Sunday … who isn’t excited about Bitchez Brew Redux? Well, if you’re not, maybe you’ve been wanting to go see Joe Klocek tell a story @ Previously Secret Information.

Seriously, check out the calendar for more info. A lot of excellent readings this week (and next week’s no slouch, either).