Pick of the Week » Joshua Mohr

We’re cheating on this one: it wasn’t filmed this week. But this reading is from the release party of Termite Parade, which I read and thoroughly enjoyed twice, and since my review came out this week (the same day the NY Times reviewed it) I feel like it counts. Joshua Mohr is a shrink and a storyteller. A character (Derek) goes to Reno to escape his problems (dropped drunk girlfriend Mired down stairs, Mired broke face, Derek told Mired she fell). In the restroom, using the giant trough:

I didn’t piss on your shoe, I said, shaking the last couple drips and tucking it away. “Maybe he did it,” and I motioned to the other guy.

“Bruce?” Professor said.

“I don’t know his name.”

“How could he urinate on my shoe from all the way over there?” He said to me.

“Superior aim?” I suggested.

“Listen,” Professor said. “That guy standing next to you is my centerfielder, Bruce. We carpool to work together. We are neighbors, for god’s sake. Why would he urinate on my shoe?”

“I’m not saying he pissed on your shoe. I’m just saying that I didn’t.”

“Actually, you are saying he pissed, to use your harsh parlance, on my shoe. Because if you are saying you didn’t, there’s no one else here except good old Bruce.

“Yeah! No one but Bruce,” Bruce said.

(Yes, we just used text to preview a video. And don’t just trust us: this exchange goes very colorful places):

If we were to choose a video from this week? We would probably pick this incredible Sam Sax wordplay (which we also love because he dubbed “esophagus” word of the night and everyone erupted every time he dropped it).

This coming week » Tomorrow night is Porchlight Storytelling’s 8 year anniversary party [8pm at the Verdi Club]. Also this week you can catch Sam Sax and Nic Alea here and on Saturday night, we’re excited to check out The Poetry Marathon (look for more info in Thursday’s 96 Hours).