POETRY & PROSE SATURDAYS: a bi-weekly event in alameda

Frank_Bette_Center_for_the_Arts_smallIf you haven’t been to the Frank Bette Center for the Arts in Alameda, you might consider a visit. This is a charming art house on a quiet street that was formally the home of painter, sculptor, furniture maker and poet Frank Bette. It is a member-based gallery with a high standard for exhibitions. They have events almost nightly, including live drawing classes, writing workshops, and communal painting sessions.

On second and fourth Tuesdays, Jeanne Lupton hosts the Poetry & Prose Saturdays: a combination of featured readers, followed by an open mic.

On Sat Oct 12 13, the featured readers were Paul Corman-Roberts and Chansonette Buck. Open mic participants included Geoff Geiger, Sara Mithra, Garrett Murphy and Charles Kruger.

Charles Kruger

Readers and videos as follows:

  1. Paul Corman-Roberts
  2. Chansonette Buck
  3. Geoff Geiger
  4. Sara Mithra
  5. Garrett Murphy
  6. Charles Kruger