PREVIOUSLY SECRET INFORMATION: human is fundamentally funny

(Evan Karp)

If you haven’t seen Joe Klocek invite some poor heckler onstage, now’s your chance (try not to get sucked in to the plethora of other heckling videos… they’re not as funny). But stand-up comedy is only part of the act at Previously Secret Information, where true stories are told by funny people. Without notes.

I recently spoke with Joe about the series over at KQED, and checked it out for the first time this past Sunday night at Stage Werx. If you haven’t been to that theatre, you should: it’s small enough to be intimate, but big enough to put on some really quality productions. PSI is certainly one of them. Although usually not all performers are comedians, this past installment featured three stand-ups who all, in their respective ways, told the story of how they became comedians.

Funny in spades, of course, but at times moving and far more fundamentally human than an assault of jokes, PSI is SF Weekly’s Best New Storytelling Series of 2011 with good reason. Check it out:

Dhaya Lakshminarayanan

Joe Klocek

Greg Proops