sPARKE & bLINK cover art by Nancy Sayavong

Quiet Lightning / literary mixtape curated by Danielle Bero & Sage Curtis

Quiet Lightning presents their 136th show, curated by Danielle Bero & Sage Curtis and held virtually on Monday, November 2, 2020, with readings/performance by (in the following order):

Anhvu Buchanan » Dena Rod » Shilpa Kamat » Amber Carpenter » Paolo Bicchieri » Peggy Schimmelman » Jacquelyn Bengfort » Karla Brundage » Paolo Bicchieri » Madeline Cash » Doug Mathewson » Joshua Berriors » M. J. Arcangelini » Diana Donovan » Madeline Cash » Sangita Rajan | Abbie Jeanne »  Lucie Pereira » Tammy Zhu » Allyson Darling » Anhvu Buchanan » Karla Brundage » Diana Donovan » Alia Salim » Sydney Vogl » Dena Rod

Featuring cover art by Nancy Sayavong / Read the entire show above

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Quiet Lightning debuts their new quarterly showcase of writers of color on Monday, Jan 4. Save the date!

QL is also accepting submissions for a virtual mixtape on Monday, February 1, 2020. This show will be curated by Tom Pyun and a guest TBA— submissions are open through the end of Wednesday, Jan 6. All selected writers will be paid and published in sPARKLE & bLINK 109.