QUIET LIGHTNING: a massive, slow-moving silent cloud

(Evan Karp)

They were allowed to play that afternoon. It was only two blocks away, their own personal Garden of Eden. Pouring their lives into illustrations and illusions, in the middle of this struggle to find meaning and common ground, when the wind has dresses, when the meaning of fire is lost, find us like keepsakes on the earth, in our prime, a little wild, write Labor, write Day, write laughter, the game itself was beautiful, there really are some parts of life that move in a straight line (as impossible as it seems).

So you want to know about this, do you? Perfect but strange, creating spondees from madmen (this is the sound). The narrative preferable? My thoughts preferable? A storm on the sun is a fly on the wall. Listen to the sound of the stars. A pelican flew gracefully over the water, then shit into it. Every man, woman and child, when they stand, sit or lie down, do so directly above the center of the earth. Massive, slow-moving silent cloud starting from the minds of the Quiet Lightning readers on Labor Day, Sept 5 11 at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers.

Click here for photos and more information. And check out the videos:

Meghan Thornton

Sherril Jaffe

Nicole McFeely

Anna Pulley

Chris Carosi

Joseph Lease

Siamak Vossoughi

Mira Martin-Parker

Nicole Henares

Marc Olmsted

Janey Smith

Jason File

Charlie Getter

Michael Palmer

Or, the next best thing to being there: play the whole show!