Quiet Lightning + Center for the Art of Translation teamed up to produce a special show at The Lab on Wednesday, November 13 2013: the first set, curated by Katie Wheeler-Dubin, Lauren Traetto, and Evan Karp, is a “literary mixtape” in traditional QL style (no introductions or banter, all forms of writing, one author after another), but all pieces are, in some way, a response to Melissa Chandler‘s “Considering They Lived,” which the curators selected from an initial round of submissions; set two, hosted by CJ Evans, features six different translations of the same passage from Guillermo Cabrera Infante‘s book Exorcismos de esti(l)o (Exorcisms of Style/Summer), presented in a similar way:

  1. Melissa Chandler
  2. Steven Westdahl
  3. Kristina Ten
  4. Emily Weinstein
  5. Caroline Kessler
  6. Gaston Yagmourian
  7. Amy K. Bell
  8. Julie Morse
  9. CJ Evans intros the second set
  10. Liza Morgan
  11. Moneta Goldsmith
  12. Ali Bossy
  13. Ginger Buswell
  14. Ben Black
  15. Joel Streicker

You can read the first part of this show in its entirety right here.

This was the penultimate show in Quiet Lightning’s Tour Through Town. They celebrate the finale on their fourth anniversary, with Pints & Prose on December 4th; that show is in Fairfax.

The Center for the Art of Translation is in the midst of a positive press storm for the excellent books they’ve been publishing recently. Read all about it at Two Lines Press.