QUIET LIGHTNING + PORCH LIGHT: literature meets storytelling

with art by Sarah MoranHosted by Evan KarpSarah Griffin and Arline Klatte, and co-curated by Beth LisickQuiet Lightning and the Porch Light storytelling series teamed up for a show at the Verdi Club on Monday, April 15th. This was QL’s third show of their Tour Through Town.

Below is an index of the videos, presented in order:

  1. Intro
  2. Rupa Marya
  3. Moneta Goldsmith
  4. Rachel Ann Brickner
  5. Matthew Rodgers
  6. Mario de la Vega
  7. Katie Wheeler-Dubin
  8. Rupa Marya
  9. Allison Landa
  10. Jan Richman
  11. Baruch Porras-Hernandez
  12. Matt Pine
  13. Charlie Getter
  14. Katie Carter
  15. Outro