QUIET LIGHTNING: the greenhouse effect, v.7

Part one of the third annual three-show summer series The Greenhouse Effect, Quiet Lightning hosted readings in the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers on August 5th, 2013. This show was curated by Chris Cole, Meghan Thornton and Evan Karp and featured artwork by Nigel Sussman and readings by the following:

  1. Carleen Tibbetts
  2. Paul Corman-Roberts
  3. Peter Bullen
  4. Tory Adkisson
  5. Kara Vernor
  6. Melissa Graeber
  7. Linette Escobar
  8. Tracey Knapp
  9. Molly Giles
  10. Miquila Alejandre
  11. Patrick O’Neil
  12. Carleen Tibbetts (reprise)

You can read the entire show for free right here.

QL in the COF