QUIET LIGHTNING: the sudden interpenetration of a plethora of contexts

(Evan Karp)

If you weren’t at Quiet Lightning‘s recent show at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, and you haven’t seen the photos yet, do that now. Whether you were there or not, it seems (according to their website) that Quiet Lightning is happy to hear any suggestions for the second installment of The Greenhouse Effect — not only QL’s first series but the first-ever, of any kind, at the first conservatory in the United States of America. What will they think of next, you ask? What will you think of next?

It is true: QL is not yet organized to the point of having committees and, well, in short: an infrastructure beyond the recently formed board of directors. But as new readers participate in this literary nonprofit each month, and the monthly shows — of which there have now been 20 — increasingly represent a more vast and unpredictable swathe of the Bay Area (and beyond!) community, it is increasingly obvious that anything might happen.

I am reading everything I can find by Jack Foley right now. Describing a 1960 show of Bruce Conner‘s, he says:

As these elements move together—are assembled—the work of art becomes the momentary focal point for the sudden interpenetration of a plethora of contexts, each qualifying the other, each creating a condition of what Conner calls “hidden relevancies” …

I share that because I think it’s as good a description as any I’ve written about Quiet Lightning. See for yourself:


Keely Hyslop

Alyson Sinclair

Andrew O. Dugas

Amy Cruz

Howard Junker

Tim Kahl

Graham Gremore

Cassandra Gorgeous

Cole Krawitz

Mira Martin-Parker

Tobey Kaplan

Sarah Page

Sean Labrador y Manzano

Or: Induce interpenetratation!

You can also read this entire show like a book. Hey! You can even make it a book and have that book delivered to your door.

That’s all… for now.