QUIET LIGHTNING: tour through town kickoff show

Sandra Wassilie + Charles Kruger curated and hosted the first Quiet Lightning of 2013, the kickoff show for the Tour Through Town @ Sports Basement Bryant. — Wednesday, January 16th

Following a special performance by Jeremy Hatch, which you can see in the first three videos, the readers were:

  1.  J. E. Freeman
  2. Matt Leibel
  3. Shideh Etaat
  4. William Taylor Jr.
  5. William Taylor Jr. (reprise)
  6. Ariel Fintushel
  7. Sarah Natalie Webster
  8. Sarah Kobrinsky
  9.  J. E. Freeman

Click on Daniel Healey‘s work below to get a copy of this show as a book or to read it for free:

sparkle + blink 35