ViracochaQuiet Lightning 67 // sparkle + blink 59 was curated by Kelsey Schimmelman and Allison Hummel, held at Viracocha on November 10th, 2014.

Simon Crafts » Alex Peterson » Jesse Nathan » Christine No | Jayna Swartzman-Brosky » Ginger Buswell » Michael McLaughlin » Jessica Hahn » Caroline O’Connor Thomas

Read the whole show here:

sPARKLE & bLINK 59 from Quiet Lightning

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Photos by Gracie Malley

Quiet Lightning celebrates a 5th anniversary in December, starting with December 4 at The Emerald Tabletsubmissions open through the end of Nov 19. Art opening the next night, same place, exhibition to feature 11 previous contributors to sPARKLE & bLINK throughout January. Then on December 14 a Chemical Wedding at Doc’s Lab w/Name Drop Swamp Records: readings by Melissa Stein, Maw Shein Win, Benjamin Wachs, and Jason R Jimenez + music by Shenandoah Davis and Sean Nelson! (tix)

Art by Laura Ceron Melo