RENEE GLADMAN @ MILLS COLLEGE: the contemporary writers series

Just thought you should know about this: Renee Gladman‘s going to be in town as part of the Mills College Contemporary Writers Series. I know, just when you thought: Adam Johnson and Jack Boulware! And you were right to think that. More on Johnson here and here and Boulware here and here.

But options are good, right, and I just want you to know what’s up. The East Bay keeps trying to tell you something and I don’t think you’re listening.

I read Gladman’s Event Factory, the first in a three-book series that is part of Dorothy, a publishing project, last year and liked it so much I published our first book review (it’s not perfect, but the book might be). The second in the series, The Ravickians, was released recently.

Joining Gladman will be Rena Rosenwasser, who founded Kelsey Street Press and published Gladman’s first book, Juice, back in 2000 and then Newcomer Can’t Swim (click on her name above to listen to her read excerpts from her new book, Elevators).

Watch a clip of Gladman reading from back in 2008: