SMALL PRESS TRAFFIC: endless summer

Saturday, June 17th 2012

Small Press Traffic ran a marathon reading from noon until midnight to kick off the summer and raise some fun(d)s. I made it for a segment of the day and brought these videos home as souvenirs. The lighting was kind of weird because of the shade, so I doctored them, but the work was all good and it’s easy to see that this was the perfect day for such a gathering (especially at the beautiful CCA Writers Studio).

Below is an index of the readings I caught (which you can watch above):

  1. Tom Comitta
  2. Taylor Brady
  3. Sean Negus
  4. Paul Ebenkamp
  5. Michael Cross
  6. Katrina Rodabaugh
  7. Hugo Garcia Manriquez
  8. Hugh Behm-Steinberg
  9. Brittany Billmeyer-Finn
  10. Andrew Joron
  11. ?
  12. ?
  13. ?
  14. Taylor Brady

You can check out some wonderful photos here.