THE NEW SH!T SHOW: jeremy radin + mindy nettifee

Sam Sax and Nic Alea hosted the new sh!t show with features Mindy Nettifee and Jeremy Radin at Viracocha on Thursday, April 25th 2013.

Sadly I had to leave this show early and the vids above are only the beginning of Mindy and Jeremy’s set (they rotated), but (as you can see) it’s worth the posting. This was the first time I made it to the new sh!t show since they started doing the workshops, and I strongly encourage you to go check that out. An hour before the show — for the same total cost — you can spend an hour working on prompts with a dozen or so folks, sharing work (or not), and letting your nerves dance. Also, you get priority on the open mic list if you attend the workshop; since the list fills up every time, this is highly recommended! Also, honestly, about a quarter of the people who took to the mic read the piece they wrote during the workshop. It was way inspiring, and I was sincerely bummed to leave (as it was I made Kai Carlson-Wee wait outside my house for half an hour because there was no way I was going to completely miss Mindy and Jeremy‚Ķ and do you know how much I like Kai?)!

Enjoy, and get yourself (and your friends) to the new sh!t show. It’s every other Thursday night. The next one is on Thursday, May 9th.