Part of the East Bay Poetry Summit, this reading was hosted by Zack Haber at The Long Haul on Saturday, May 25 2013 as part of The Other Fabulous Reading Series.

There’s a bunch of links to recaps below — with thanks to Alana Siegel for her help rounding these up (and if you would like to add one yourself, or know of others, please do send me a shout) — but if you were there, you know this was an incredible and incredibly natural weekend. If you weren’t there, well… the good news is it’s sort of happening all the time. This was a concentration of what goes on here with the added perspective of visitors (which also goes on, of course). But it’s like Andrew said: “So many times when people are visiting, they’re only here for a day or two, and you don’t get to have time or a community experience – you just sort of see a couple friends, you go out after the reading, and then you go home.” (That’s from this interview — if that link doesn’t work just copy the title of the article, google it, and then click on the link and it should work.)

Anyway. This was Saturday afternoon. I missed all of Friday because I was hosting this show. You know? There’s an average of maybe 3 great events every night here. But this summit… mostly, it was a concentrated effort. Saturday night vids are coming soon. The order of the vids above (and of the reading itself) is as follows:

  1. Introduction by Zack (here’s an interview, reading)
  2. Matthew Timmons
  3. Cassandra Smith
  4. Sue Landers
  5. Katy Bohinc
  6. Frank Sherlock


Also, there are so many great pictures. Feel free to comment below with links to sets, etc. But this one (and its variations)… so good!